25 Sep 2018 - 26 Sep 2018 / Bern, Switzerland

Pitching Battle Startups

ACATENA Switzerland
ACATENA is global Blockchain-IoT platform that enables Premium brands to achieve full visibility into their supply chains, protecting the brand against counterfeiting, optimizing efficiencies and enhancing trust with their partners, distributors and end-consumers.
We envision a world where containers are efficient, clean and intelligent.
AELER creates the 21st-century intermodal container; lighter, stronger and embedded with state-of-the-art electronics and sensors. Through this tool, we reduce operating costs, increase security & safety, reduce fuel cons...
Aero Glass United States
Augmented Reality solution for Aviation, Automotive & Maritime.
Avertu Switzerland
Avertu detects dangerous locations on the road using historic accident data and predicts these hotspots with crowd-sourced data from driving cars. We prevent accidents worldwide by providing in-car warnings for drivers and by helping road authorities to improve road infrastructure.
BlinkLabs Switzerland
BlinkLabs is a tech company codifying and enhancing human judgment to solve automation problems faster. We provide manufacturers with the capabilities to reduce quality-related costs and speed up production.
Cobiro Denmark
Cobiro is automating Google Ads by using tech and AI. We provide a self-service platform for our customers and support more than 40 languages and serves customers from 189 countries.
Cortexia Switzerland
Do you think you will find your dream job and a nice place to leave in a dirty city ?

A prosperous city is a clean city. The cities actively promote their attractiveness, in order to attract the top companies and tourism.

A clean city is sustainable and better preserves the environment.
Drone Harmony AG Switzerland
Drone Harmony is a software company that developed an unique 3D flight planner application platform, which allows drones to fly autonomously in complex vertical infrastructure inspections, such as Cell Towers, Wind Turbines, Bridges all the while ensuring best quality data acquisition.
Exomotion Switzerland
The way we drive and think are connected! For years we used to drive in one direction, going forward, backward, and turn. Exomotion as a Swiss startup, established in Geneva, disrupts the way you move and think in a way which has never been possible before. It opens your way of moving and you wil...
Fastree3D Switzerland
We deliver 3D vision for automotive urban collision avoidance, robotics, automatic guided vehicles on a single chip LIDAR.
We are an EPFL spin-of with 9 engineers, (5 PhDs 2EE fellows, 2 MBAs)
Product: single chip delivers 3D distance and speed in 10 ms below 50$ (100x faster and 10x cheaper...
GlassUp Italy
GlassUp is an Italian startup, agumented reality is our job. Since foundation, we’ve been working to develop and create the ultimate smartglasses, always carrying one clear goal in mind: make industrial augmented reality visors to increase safety and productivity on the shopfloor.
Hydromea Switzerland
We help water professionals make better informed decisions faster by collecting and interpreting exponentially more subsea data.
Insightness Switzerland
We build efficient computer vision systems for interactive devices.
The same way mobile devices supplemented desktop computers, mixed reality will supplement mobile devices and our tech is to mixed reality what the mouse is for desktop computers and multi-touch is for mobile devices.
IoTech Swiss Switzerland
we develop solutions and technologies for the IoT and drone industry.
Our vision is to digitalize the food value chain and enable real time, in-package freshness and quality controls. We are creating a platform to conduct a direct relationship between various participants of the value chain through smart packaging.
Kido Dynamics Switzerland
Kido Dynamics provides tools for companies, governments and public institutions to deeply understand people’s mobility patterns, this is the locations people travel to, the routes they take, time and seasonal aspects.
L7Defense has developed a next-generation security platform called Ammune™ which actively protects web applications, automatically and autonomously, from cyber attacks in real time and with high precision. Ammune™ presents a novel in an unsupervised learning technology, not requiring any prio...
We power on-demand same-day or exact time-window delivery for commerce. We connect retailers to a vast network of different highly qualified delivery courier providers.

Our smart recommendation engine at the heart of LuckaBox always activates the optimal courier for any given job in real time...
Matchmore Switzerland
Our cloud service provides developers of mobile applications with SDKs and tools to ease the integration of location-based and proximity features in their apps.
MIRobotics Switzerland
MIRobotics strives to invent and introduce modular, man-packable inspection and monitoring robots into fish farming and environmental monitoring, contributing to a healthier environment. The flagship of the technological innovation is the bio-inspired, low disturbance and long endurance robot. In...
MOOST GmbH Switzerland
MOOST makes connecting devices so easy that anyone (consumers and businesses) can adopt automations that save energy, save time, improve security or all of them together.

Contrary to any IoT solution available today, we offer pre-configured automation packages. These packages are so simple tha...
nebulo systems Switzerland
We blind burglars ... and keeps your valuables safe in seconds.
NEEO AG Switzerland
NEEO is a fast-growing start-up based in Cupertino CA & Switzerland. Founded 2014 NEEO focuses on simplifying the smart home for the mass market.
NEEO believes interaction with technology should be more natural, simple and fun. As its first product, NEEO has created an easy to use and intuitive...
nexoya Switzerland
Platform for intelligent KPIs in Digital Marketing
Oculyze is an award winning (Science4Life, BPW, TechnologySlam) Startup that has a platform for quantitative image analysis. With our hand-held microscope and image recognition service we enable you to take a microscopic image and get a result within seconds, no expensive equipment or specific ex...
ROVENSO SA Switzerland

Everyday people are sent into uncomfortable or risky environments to gather information that fixed sensors or cameras fail to provide.
That's why we develop autonomous agile robots for anomaly detection in any kind of environment : from...
SaferMe New Zealand
SaferMe stops workers from being injured, by giving people a warning before they hurt themselves.
Securaxis Switzerland
Securaxis provides risk management solutions that helps optimize, accelerate and automate the management of people security and safety potentially in hostile or volatile environment with the help of new technologies.
Springa is a startup of designers and engineers developing autonomous robotic tools for digital fabrication. Our mission is to allow everyone being creative and building big projects, wherever they want. Founded in 2016 in Milano, we are a spin-off of the Politecnico and based at PoliHub, the Sta...
Store to Go Switzerland
Store to Go is a project initiated by three good friends, Oliver (finance & legal), Patrick (system architecture) and Jiachen (business development) in January 2018. We aim to build up a self-serviced 24/7 convenience store chain to fulfil customers’ impulsive shopping needs with convenient and...
SuperAnnotate AI provides super-fast and super-accurate image annotation services. The underlying software is based on our patented AI-powered image segmentation tool that allows one-click object selection accelerating the selection process by up to 20 times
Swisens AG Switzerland
Founded in 2016 as a spin-off of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Swisens develops advanced sensing technologies to monitor environmental threats in our surrounding air. The first product of Swisens for measuring the local pollen concentration is the Swisens Poleno. It is speciall...
We have developed the world's most energy-efficient AI hardware. We are currently working with our customer to use this technology in safety-critical applications that requires certifications such as automobiles and aerospace where there are very few options in the market. Companies such as NVIDI...
TAWNY developed an Emotion AI to make things, services and experiences empathic.
trivo is a small company specialized in Big Data and Data Analytics.
UNO is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technological solutions company that enables digital operations, working with data monitoring and analytics to create better and faster decisions that magnify business potential and accelerate growth. Through our deep industry knowledge and specific solutions...
In Vispera, we address the problem of retail execution for retailers and FMCGs, specifically, out-of-stock, planogram non-compliance, and damaged shopper experience. Vispera brings in its deep-learning based image recognition and data analytics solutions tailored to solve these shortcomings. We a...